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Study Documents

Motivate your body-powered Trikke fun through science.

Updated: 03 July 2022

Trikke Magic: Start Carving
Quick start guide for carving your Trikke.


Qualitative Body-Powered Trikke Physics
Simplest explanation of how a Trikke "works". Explains rider co-rotation with a 5-minute companion lab demo video.


Body-Powered Trikke Physics
How a Trikke works via 4 levers and 3 mechanisms.


Empirical 2nd Degree Friction Model Solution
Measure your Trikke's friction. See how I did the math.


Dynamic Model of a Trikke T78 Air
Computer simulation details filled in, including a robot-rider.


Survey of Simulated Trikke Behaviors
What is normal? No middle speed? Effect of rider mass.


Trikke Magic: Leveraging the Invisible
Tame your Trikke. Experiment. Experience the magic.