Raingutter Boat Racing - How To Make A Fast Regatta Boat

Maritime Design

Full speed ahead! Build a fast, great-looking boat from simple materials, craft tools and a few days time. This manual is focused on building hydroplaning raingutter regatta boats using a simple, one-ounce foam boat kit, but there are also instructions for fast balsa kits and options for Boy Scout kits. Other types of boats can be built too.

Next to the materials you use, your club rules and type of raingutter determines part of your design. Make sure you find out about them in time. The time factor can defeat you before race! Consider using our recommended construction schedule to plan by.

Your approach to design can make your boat a nice bathtub toy or a real winner. Understand our basic approach to fast raingutter regatta boats. What is most important to you - advice from experience, science theory and experiment or just taking part? This manual tries to balance these so you can work quickly and enjoy the result.

Great Looks

No matter what material or class of boat you build, it can look great! Learn how to Design for Theme and build what the judges are looking for.

BSA Kits

See what is possible to speed up a Boy Scout kit.

Other types of boats

If speed is not your thing, look over instructions for very stable catamarans or show off with a paddle boat.

Why Foam?

It's cheap - about $7 for a 4x8 foot 1/2 inch panel of residential insulating foam - enough for a couple hundred boats! Cut large pieces with a hardware utility knife. Sclupt small pieces with a hobby knife or medium sand paper (120 or more grit), emory board or other file. The very small, closed cells make a relatively smooth finish possible. Paint it with acrylic paint and leave uncoated or coat with a polyurethane finish. Water-proof glue (Elmer's Pro Bond polyurethane glue) works great, but can be a bit messy. We've never made better-looking boats faster and cheaper!
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Raingutter Boat Racing - How To Make A Fast Regatta Boat
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