Raingutter Boat Racing - How To Make A Fast Regatta Boat

The Time Factor

There is one more often over-looked factor. That's how much time you spend on your boat. Get your kit as soon as possible so you can begin to design and build it. You may even be able to get some things done before you buy your kit. If you have a block to cut, plan to borrow or schedule now. Make some of your deck-o-rations. Get your craft supplies. You don't want to be left waiting for people and tools to become available. If you can, it is better to finish building early. Waiting to the last minute won't allow you the luxury of putting the final touches on that great paint job. You may have little time to practice blowing your boat in a tub of water.

This schedule assumes a foam boat kit. Stretch these estimates 2 or 3 times for other materials.

A Schedule

Here is a rough time line to help you plan your progress. Change it around to fit the date of your race and when you can get your kit.

Today Read the rest of this manual 1 hour
Today Draw your boat on paper 1 hour
21 Find or buy weights, stickers, other materials 30 min
17 Make some of your deck-o-rations 2 hours
14 (soon as possible) Buy kit from club (or obtain other materials) 1/2 hour
12 Design the sail 30 min
10 Sand, file, whittle hull details 2 hours
7 Prepare and attach free weight 10 min
7 Make and attach bumpers 10 min
7 Finish the hull 15 min
5 Practice Blowing 1 hour
3 Prepare for the worst Prayer time
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Raingutter Boat Racing - How To Make A Fast Regatta Boat
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