"Manned space flight is an amazing achievement, but it has opened for mankind thus far only a tiny door for viewing the awesome reaches of space. An outlook through this peephole at the vast mysteries of the universe should only confirm our belief in the certainty of its Creator. I find it as difficult to understand a scientist who does not acknowledge the presence of a superior rationality behind the existence of the universe as it is to comprehend a theologian who would deny the advances of science."
Wernher Von Braun (1912-1977)
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What is an engineer?

Being an engineer or at least someone involved in the process is one of the most exciting pursuits available to mankind. Engineers purpose to make practical what others dream about; pushing the limits, discovering the next horizon.

Scientist? Yes! But perhaps not so rigorous. His discoveries are made on his company's shop floor or in his own garage-lab.

Craftsman? Yes! But perhaps not so polished. Function and economy often become more important than form and finish.

Mathematician? Yes! But a computer is a beloved friend when tidy solutions are nowhere to be found.

Designer? Yes! Though a model, physical, mathematical or both may not lend itself to simplicity nor completeness.

Engineers are apt to go where the pure sciences fail to yield a clear answer. Their's is the discipline of bringing together all of the ideas and tools to do the best that can be done and to gain insight into doing it better - next time. It is a commitment to find wise uses for the vast array of resources God has given us dominion over while being faithful stewards of them according to His Word;

to demonstrate to all the world that God has truly given us everything we need for life and holiness.

This demonstration comes about in two ways. Positively, through genuine advances in understanding and the use of every kind of resource that God has given us access to whether by the strength of our backs, through the use of our minds or the exercise of our combined will. Negatively, by participating in the process of conviction that the Holy Spirit brings against those who deny God's grace through His creation and His provision for reconcilliation through Jesus.

Genuine Advances

Since Adam's sin against God, the world has been in a state of decline. The rich paradise God shared with us in the Garden, became subject to the infiltration of sin. I suspect, that while God designed physical law to work as a good and necessary part of what I can only call "the greater laws", sin separated it from them. Adam exchanged the perfect laws of spirit and truth which are made complete in worship of the Creator for the lesser laws and worship of his own creations.

Once rended from its proper balance, physical law now serves to point those subject to it back to the Creator that it must glorify. To this end, physical law, like the law God gave Moses, must allow sin to corrupt and destroy so we can understand that sin is truly vile. Yet, it must perserve and demonstrate for us the beauty and hope of a right relationship with God through repentance, worship and praise. It must show us not only the ugliness of sin so that we might seek a better life, but the goodness of God desiring to work in and through us.

Indeed, God has given us, especially in the United States of America, many blessings through technology to improve our lives and export to other nations, at least superficially. But would these devices of man's efforts be necessary or even desirable if we could still stroll with God through the garden of His awesome wonders? I don't know what that is like! However, I believe God wants us to praise Him with all our technological enthusiasm for the blessings He brings us through them and to be a part of developing them, though they be ashes compared to His original provision for us.

In the doing, we are drawn closer to God by seeing His care in the details, in the building of our character through discipline and interdependance and in the use of the results for His good pleasure in building others up. The process of discovering God again and again, each time in a new light is truly exhilerating. He seeks to reveal Himself to all who care to look in everything He made!

Convicting the World

As we use science and mathematics, the diciplines of various types of logic and manipulation of countless materials, we proove over and over again that we can not - of ourselves - solve our own problems. We are wholely inadequate to approach others' problems. In fact, our basic nature desires to tear down what is good. In short:

We are not, could not be God nor even "gods".

The basic effect of this conviction is the undoing of the lie that Satan used with Adam in the Garden; that Adam [we] can be like God. Thus, witchcraft and superstition are deposed for medicines and the methods of hygene and the darkness of many a demon filled world is shattered by the application of the scientific method and pursuit of knowing the one wise God.

Where Does Technology Lead?

I know my words have been many, repeated a few times and without supporting arguments of how I came upon these ideas. Perhaps the verses below will help. Mostly, I can only suggest that God's future kingdom will be every bit as grand as the Garden He intended us to live in forever. But it will be a different kind of "perfect" having perhaps been enhanced by a "new" kind of glory enabled by God's provision for redemption from sin. I don't think it is a better glory than had we never sinned, but logic dictates it must be different!

I tend to think of the laws of physics as the stimulus of the glory that we are to God as redeemed people (see Romans 2:3,4 below). Hence, I believe that technology ultimately leads us to seek God! Where is technology leading you?

Some Bible verses to consider:

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