How to Make a Bow and Arrow

"I do not trust my bow; I do not count on my sword to save me. It is you who gives us victory over enemies; it is you who humbles them that hate us. O God, we give glory to you all day long and constantly praise your name"
Psalms 44:5-8

Making a bow and arrows is a fun project. You can make animal targets and go on a big game hunt or just see how far you can shoot an arrow in an empty field. This design is affordable, safe and easy to put together.

Portrait of a simple bow and arrow


1/2 in. CPVC pipe
Nylon string or thick fishing line
6x2x1/4 in piece foam rubber or leather
Cloth Tape
Any strong construction or packing tape will do. Glue can be used but the result will be stiff
1/4 in. dowel
Arrow Tips
1.5x2x1/4 in piece foam rubber or blunt rubber doorstop tip
2 triangular pieces of cardboard per arrow
Small hand saw
Hot glue gun

Put It Together

If you can bend a thin PVC pipe, you won't have any trouble doing this.

Construct your bow:

  1. Cut a four foot length of the CPVC pipe with the hand saw (you can make two from one 8 foot pipe).
  2. Make a 3/4 in. slit at one end of the CPVC pipe.
  3. Make a 3/4 in. slit at the other end
  4. Knot one end of the string and insert it into one slot.
  5. Bend the bow (CPVC pipe) slightly and drag the free end of string to the other end of the bow to measure
  6. Knot the end of the string at the measured point.
  7. Bend the bow and insert the knotted end of the string into the slit.
  8. Wrap the grip around the bow two feet from an end of the bow and secure with cloth tape.

Make some arrows:

  1. To find out how long to make your arrow, pull the string back as far as you can. Measure the distance between the middle of the bow and the stretched string.
  2. Cut your arrow 2in. longer than the above measure.
  3. Cut a notch at the end.
  4. For the tip, melt hot glue on one end of the shaft and wrap a short strip of foam rubber around it. The foam can be dipped in food-colored water to make a mark on a disposable paper target.
  5. For the fins, cut 2 triangles out of stiff cardboard. Attach with hot glue to the arrow.

Make a target:

  1. Draw a bull's eye or animal shape on a piece of paper. Larger for distance targets.
  2. Tape the paper to a large weighted box (rocks are great weights).
  3. Set the box on a stool or chair for target practice.
  4. Put numbers on the target for a contest.

Use or Procedure

To shoot your arrow, place the notched end of the arrow on the string so the string is in the notch. Hold it there between your index finger and middle finger so the arrow is between them. With your free hand, make a fist around the grip. Rest the other end of the arrow on your hand. Pull back the string as far as it can go as you aim at the target. Let go of the string. See it go!

Aim higher above the target if the it is farther away. With use, you'll know how high. See if holding your breath helps to keep the bow still while aiming.

Caution: Never point your arrow at anyone!
Do not shoot your arrows indoors!

Scriptural Analogy

When you shoot your arrow at a target you hope to hit it. You can hit it more often if you practice a lot. If you are competing and miss you lose points. If you miss a lot, you won't win.

We want to be like Jesus and that is our goal. Sin is like missing the mark. But if we practice our faith by believing in Jesus and doing what He says then we will become more like Him and not sin.

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