Grand Prix Racing - How To Make A Fast Pinewood Car

What to do if you need a printed manual

In the past, when asked if there was a printed version of my web-based, science-based manual "Grand Prix Racing - How To Make A Fast Pinewood Car" I replied in the negative. I couldn't even recommend another printed booklet because they were all based on "experience" which often belies the actual physics of the race. But now, I whole heartedly recommend Maximum Velocity.

In the world of pinewood racing, one thing is sure: every contestant wants to give their car Maximum Velocity! "Maximum Velocity" is the title of the best printed booklet on Pinewood Derby car construction I know of.

Maximum Velocity avoids describing methods and problems that give little return for your investment of time in constructing a fast pinewood car. Instead, the factors of speed that really matter are tamed in a manner that is straight forward and elegant, yet easy to put into practice.

Written to be read by youngsters, it is best used together with an adult. This 25+ page, 5.5 x 8.5 inch booklet has lots of diagrams and more substance that jives with the science of the race than any other printed pinewood booklet. You will find solid techniques, accurate science and a schedule to help you be on time for the race.

Maximum Velocity was researched and written by Randy Davis for the competitors in his AWANA club's Grand Prix races. It is a reliable resource you won't want to race without. And if your looking for fast design ideas, Randy has also published great pattern books with instructions to build several different cars from each.

Sure, my web pages express some opinions that differ from the author's but Maximum Velocity has the important things right. As the author cautions, "read with the brain engaged"!

You can order Visit another website Maximum Velocity via the worldwide web or contact Randy via e-mail. At about $8 a copy, it is the best value for any printed pinewood booklet. Discounts are available for bulk orders.

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Grand Prix Racing - How To Make A Fast Pinewood Car
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