Raingutter Boat Racing - How To Make A Fast Regatta Boat

Running a Straight Race

Runners are narrow guides on the bottom of a boat. On a regatta hydroplane, they channel the water under the hull so it pops up on top and keeps the boat running straight. Without them, water spills around the hull more easily, making it a bit harder to elevate the boat initially. This may not be a noticeable effect, but if not blown perfectly straight, sideways slipping and spinning can waste much time.

Make Your Runners

Building runners into your hull is the best way to make them. They become an extension of the sides of the hull.

If you can't build them into your hull, try this:

  1. Cut two 1/2 to 3/4-inch wide strips of transparency film or plastic from a lid to fit the shape of your hull.
  2. To make paint and glue stick better, sand the strips where they are to be glued or painted.
  3. Use a rubber cement, water-proof glue or hot melt glue to anchor these strips to the sides of your hull.
  4. Most glues discolor transparency film. If your glue doesn't affect the paint color, paint the strips on the side that will contact the hull. Test to see if your paint sticks to the film well enough.
  5. Check that the strips stick out beyond the bottom of your hull 1/8 to 1/4-inch.
  6. A coat of water-proof polyurethane insures paint won't scrape off with handling or on the raingutter.

If your glue doesn't hold onto the film or plastic, try thin wood strips, maybe popsickle sticks. Failing that, make slits in your hull bottom near the sides. Glue and insert the runners.

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Raingutter Boat Racing - How To Make A Fast Regatta Boat
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