"Observation" - by Arin Lastufka

Author's Notes:
We never filmed this one and probably won't, but I wrote it anyway. I got to pick on the standard evil archvillain with the standard evil archvillain lines. Plus, Ramon gets her own private nemesis for future episodes! And of course there's the added attraction of blowing up an entire spaceborne telescope...

Hyperion's Crew
Captain Cecelia "Ceil" Lastufka
Commander T'Roc - First Officer
Lieutenant Raj Chandra - Chief Medical Officer, not used
Lieutenant Tanya Ramon - Science Officer
Ensign Rosalynn McKay - Tactical Officer
Ensign Michael Anderson - Helmsman
One of Six - Chief Engineer
Havoc - Communications Officer

Other Starfleet Characters
Admiral Hamilton
Captain Deventer Alan
Communications Officer

Members of the Lan'Shat
Lots of Villainous Evil Henchmen

Teaser: Hyperion shooting at Lan'Shat ship. It blows up. Switch to interior bridge, shaking.
McKay: Got 'im!
Six: I have another one coming in, bearing 182, mark 045.
Ceil: Take it out.
Six: It is a Borg cube.
Ceil: McKay, use the new transphasic torpedoes.
McKay: Aye.
Havoc: Admiral Hamilton for you, encrypted frequencies.
Ceil: Put 'er on. McKay, destroy andy and all vessels that come on sensors.
McKay: Yipee!
Ceil: Don't get carried away, Ensign! Admiral, I suppose you have an explanation for this party.
Hamilton: (Severely) Lastufka, pay attention. This is extremely serious, and classified. Apparently two terrorist gangs have plunged into an apocalyptic war, destabilizing the entire quadrant.
Ceil: (ship rocks) A bit more than destabilization!
Hamilton: Lastufka, shut up. Shipping lines are non-existent, whole worlds are in chaos, and the Borg and Changelings and everyone else are taking advantage of our situation. Your orders are to...
Ceil: (nobly) Say no more, Admiral. I can deduce your intent. We're to infiltrate these gangs and assassinate their leaders, thereby saving the galaxy from certain destruction by the forces of evil.
Hamilton: Lastufka, your orders are to maintain your position beside Starbase 628 and defend it. (Ceil starts to protest) Lastufka, if you do not comply, I'll have you assigned to a nice little office somewhere in Alice Springs. Am I clear?
Ceil: (bitterly) Yes, sir.
Six: Captain, I have a feeling we'll be seeing plenty of action where we are. (shot of lots of enemy ships closing on Hyperion)

Act One, Scene One
Ceil: Mr. Anderson, evasive manuvers. McKay, take 'em out, but don't waste torpedoes. (ship shakes)
T'Roc: Captain, the origins of this conflict would make fascinating study indeed. Have you any idea of its beginnings?
Ceil: Haven't a clue, old thing. I know as much as you do.
T'Roc: I believe you receive briefings regularly from Starfleet Secret Service. I had assumed...
Ceil: Sorry, bud. Hamilton doesn't like me enough to give me unlimited access to intelligence files.
T'Roc: That is irrational, Captain, the Admiral would not be expected to ... (ship lurches)
Ceil: (studies readout) Listen, my pointy-eared chum, I'm fighting a battle - several battles - here, and I don't have time to speculate on the obscure beginnings of this mess. If you're so interested in a history lesson, do your own research. (ship lurches again) Shield status, McKay.
McKay: Forward shields, twenty percent. Aft shields, sixty-six.
Ceil: Then turn this ship around! No point in showing them our weekest spot.
Havoc: Captain, we've had some crewmen injured in Cargo Bay Two.
Ceil: (hits button) Dr. Chandra, report to Cargo Bay Two to inspect injured personnel.
Chandra: On my way, Captain. They'll probably all be dead, though.

Act One, Scene Two Syvix, leader of the dictatorship gang, stands in front of display showing positions of ships. Camera circles her at a low angle, looking up. Lighting is dark and mysterious.
Syvix: Status of enemy cell 211?
Henchman: Destroyed, milady.
Syvix: Status of enemy cell 968?
Henchman: Destroyed, milady.
Syvix: Status of enemy vessels around Starbase 628?
Henchman: Their distruction is in progress, milady.
Syvix: What of our own vessels?
Henchman: They are being destroyed. A Starfleet Titan-class vessel is holding a position near the starbase and is firing on all comers.
Syvix: I consider my fighters expendable. Send in as many as it takes to capture that starbase. It is vital to our plans. Take the Starfleet vessel as well - it will be useful to us.
Henchman: Yes, milady. (hesitates) Milady, it appears that the quadrant has descended into chaotic, unchecked warfare - the very goal of the Anarchists.
Syvix: It is only one rung upon the ladder reaching to my goal - chaos comes before order, does it not? To achieve this order and unification, the situation requires a strong leader - a job I am well fitted for.
Henchman: (pauses, thinking) It is logical, milady.
Syvix: (pulls back hood, full face camera shot, revealing pointed ears) It is good. Go, and remember that I am Syvix of the Lan'Shat.

Act One, Scene Three Mess hall. Ramon sits at table, staring into cup. T'Roc enters.
Ramon: Commander! I thought you'd be on the bridge.
T'Roc: The constand shooting was becoming monotonous.
Ramon: Yeah, well, they won't even let me on the bridge. McKay's specially trained tactical people have taken over all the stations. There's nothing to see, either, except things exploding.
T'Roc: (sits down) Have you received any information about the origins of this apparent gang conflict?
Ramon: No. The starbase has been getting a lot of transmissions, though. I think there's some high-up muck-a-muck political figure staying there.
T'Roc: What is your experience with computers, Lieutenant?
Ramon: I can do a bit of programming - I was on the Academy team that annually hacked into the Army's scorekeeping computers during the football games.
T'Roc: Could you access files from the starbase?
Ramon: Yes, but why ...
T'Roc: Let's go. (They exit, Ramon puzzled)

Act One, Scene Four Bridge. Ship shakes constantly. T'Roc walks to tactical station, studies readout over McKay's shoulder, exits into Ceil's ready room.
Ceil: What is she doing? Uhh! (ship jerks)
McKay: Writing a report of some kind. Ready quantum torpedoes, tubes 6 and 8.
Ceil: Is this any time to be doing homework! (slams button) Six, put as much into the shields as you can. Chandra, get me something with caffeine in it.
Chandra: Caffeine, Captain?
Ceil: Lots of it. In case you haven't been awake for the last few years, we've been on red alert for forty-eight hours.
Havoc: Captain! I have fifty vessels approching at high warp! (shot of more ships)

Act Two, Scene One. Bridge. McKay whoops as as ships explode.
Ceil: Captain's log, Stardate ... whatever this is. We have been under constant fire for fifty hours, and more vessels are arriving every hour or so. Needless to say, my tactical officer is having the time of her life. In cooperation with the Starbase, using tractor beams and torpedoes, we are having moderate success. The supply of enemies on both sides seems endless, houever, and there is no hope of relief. My officers assure me that other Starfleet bessels are facing the same predicament.
T'Roc: Actually captain, we have been under red alert for exactly 50.863 hours.
Ceil: Forget it. I see you've commandeered my office.
T'Roc: The results of my investigation have been quite interesting, Captain.
Ceil: (tiredly) Let's have them. I never thought explosions would start to get on my nerves.
T'Roc: These two gangs are ideologically opposed. One, the Anarchists seeks to achieve complete disorder and chaos in the quadrant.
Ceil: Looks like they've succeeded. The entire quadrant's infrastructure, Federation, Romulan, Klingon, you name it, it's collapsing.
T'Roc: The other, the Lan'Shat, believes that a dictatorship is the key to peace. Both factions have cells on worlds throughout the quadrant.
Ceil: Even on Earth? And Vulcan? (ship shakes)
T'Roc: Yes. (exits. ship jerks, ceil thrown forward.)

Act Two, Scene Two Ceil's office. Ramon at computer, T'Roc standing behind.
Ramon: (reading computer screen) It seems that they've been doing spy - counterspy operations for a while - the last twenty years, to be exact.
T'Roc: How did they accomplish this?
Ramon: Infiltration ... Message interception ... the usual. Commander, if you don't mind, why are you so interested in this history?
T'Roc: This eruption of hotilities is illogical. Such action is always preceded by other warning actions. I find it hard to believe that these were not detected by Starfleet or its secret service.
Ramon: Red tape, bureaucracy. Probably a memo lying on some executive's desk.
T'Roc: This should not have happened.
Ramon: Well, what are you going to do about it? You can't change the past.
T'Roc: Or can you?
Ramon: Commander, you can't really do that!
T'Roc: It has been done before.
Ramon: It's crazy. (T'Roc looks determined.) All right, even if you were to go back in time, you would need to find a key event - the formation of the gangs, a turning point in their histories.
T'Roc: Exactly.
Ramon: I can't give you that information. (ship jerks to side)
T'Roc: (hits button) Captain, can you do me a favor? Cripple the closest vessel, but do not destroy it. Lieutenant Ramon would like to access its databanks.
Ceil: Sure, whatever. McKay?
Ramon: (surprised) I would?

Act Two, Scene Three Bridge, shaking. Doors open, T'Roc enters.
Ceil: Well, first, what's new? Whew! (takes a drink) That last barrage was pretty heavy.
McKay: Structural integrity field holding at thirty percent.
Ceil: I need more. Get engineering on it.
McKay: They're doing the best they can.
T'Roc: We have managed to isolate only one key event from the databanks on the enemy vessel. the Lan'Shat, the gang supporting absolute rul, were using an abandoned orbital observatory to gain intelligence on the movement of the anarchist cells. Without this crucial infromation, the Lan'Shat would not have been able to plan these attacks.
Ceil: What about the anarchists?
T'Roc: Their movements are erratic and unplanned. They seem to favor random acts of destruction. (Begins to exit)
Ceil: Wait a minute, T'Roc, where're you going?
T'Roc: (grips the weapon at her side) The past.

Act Two, Scene Four Syvix's lair. she again stands in front of the screen. Henchman approaches.
Henchman: Milady, the starbase and President T'A'NoS will soon be in our hands.
Syvix: Prepare to send the ransom message as soon as you secure him.
Henchman: Yes, Milady.
Syvix: One more instruction. Destroy that Titan-class vessel defending the Starbase. It is now so damage that it is not suitable for our purposes.
Henchman: It will be done, Lady Syvix of the Lan'Shat.

Act Two, Scene Five Shuttlebay door opens, interior view. Shuttle flies slowly out. General intercom voices can be heard.
General intercom: Ensign Havoc, report to the bridge. Crewman Davis, report to the Armory. Medical Team Alpha, report to Engineering. All hands evacuate Engineering. Repeat, all hands evacuate Engineering.

Act Three, Scene One Shuttle races away from a star, having just slingshot around it.

Act Three Scene Two T'Roc in the shuttle. Something beeps. She hits a button.
Alan: This is Captain Deventer Alan of the USS Expedition. Identify yourself.
T'Roc: Commander T'Roc of the (hesitates a second, Hyperion hasn't been built yet) secret service. I am on a classified mission. You will escort my craft and I to Vulcan immediately.
Alan: (to comm officer) Look up her file.
Comm: (after pause) Her name's here, but her rank and information are classified.
Alan: Secret service, eh? Commander T'Roc, proceed to Shuttlebay Two.

Act Three, Scene Three Monitoring office in the Etne Observatory, orbiting Vulcan. show exterior of observatory, then interior. Ramon, feet up on desk, is eating a sandwich and looking at screens.
Ramon: (speaking sometimes with mouth full) Cadet Ramon, personal log, Etne Observatory, Stardate 7829.28. Another completely boring day observing the Altira cluster and nebula, this time in infrared. Needless to say, it didn't show up too well. I guess I should start drafting this term paper. Naaah. It'll wait 'til I get back to the Academy. So what do I do with the rest of my leave after I finish these observations? To tell the truth, I haven't a clue. I suppose I could visit Aunt Marge. And my bratty little cousins. Sorry, no go. It's not like I can't stay here, in this deserted old wreck. It should've fallen out of orbit years ago. Wonder why it hasn't? Oh, and speaking of other strange things, sometimes I've found the telescope focused on stuff other than the Altira cluster. Must be some bug in the programming. Although I wouldn't be surprised if someone else used this neglected old hulk to look at stuff. (Something beeps. She peers at the screen.) Hey, the airlock just opened! Looks like I've got an unannounced visitor. Probably some jerk snooping around. (Stands up, goes to side of door. Door opens, T'Roc enters with phaser down, swings to camera, turns around to face Ramon, checking for gang members. Ramon kicks her in the solar plexus and she drops, but not before she shoots Ramon, who also drops.)

Act Three, Scene Four Syvix's lair. A Syvix of twenty years ago stands in front of the screen, zoom into face. She closes her eyes slowly, then, after a few seconds, opens them. Henchman enters.
Henchman: Yes, Milady?
Syvix: Have you solved the problem of the Etne Observatory?
Henchman: No, Milady. There is nothing wrong with the computers, and our remote control system is functioning perfectly.
Syvix: It is therefore logical that the telescope is receiving commands from an intruder. Assemble an investigation team to go to the observatory and find more evidence of this intruder. I myself will lead them.

Act Four, Scene One Etne Obs. monitoring room. Ramon groans and rolls over, sees T'Roc, grabs the phaser, prods her with it.
Ramon: (roughly) Hey, you! Whaddaya think you're doing? (T'Roc draws her breath in sharply, tries to lift her head. Ramon forces it back down.) Don't even consider thinking about moving. New kind of phaser, eh? But the settings are the same - stun and kill. (Meaningfully) The controls are simple. (Pushes button on phaser, it beeps. She stands up still pointing phaser, then realizes the uniform and rank. She stands still, then drops phaser.) Holy tamale! Commander, I didn't know.
T'Roc: (Stands up) You are associated with Starfleet?
Ramon: Cadet Ramon, Academy third year, ma'am.
T'Roc: Cadet. (Takes phaser, points it at Ramon) What do you know of the Lan'Shat?
Ramon: The Lan' what? Never heard of 'em. I'm just using this abandoned telescope to get info for my term paper.
T'Roc: You're not associated with the Lan'Shat or anarchists in any way?
Ramon: Lan'Shat? Anarchists? Is that some kind of political movement or something?
T'Roc: (holsters phaser) Essentially.
Ramon: Is there a war or something going on that I don't know about?
T'Roc: Yes.
Ramon: And you're involved in this somehow, Commander...?
T'Roc: T'Roc. (gestures to computer) Get me the main computer logs.
Ramon: (sits at computer) Yes ma'am. What ship are you with?
T'Roc: I am with the secret service.
Ramon: (stares at her) What ship? Your uniform says you're on a ship.
T'Roc: (reads computer logs) Have you been observing these shipping lanes?
Ramon: (surprised) No, I've been looking at the Altira nebula and cluster. What does an Astrophysics person want with shipping lanes?
T'Roc: Are the telescope's remote-control systems operational?
Ramon: (checks computer) Yes.
T'Roc: I then must conclude that this telescope is being controlled by outsiders - the Lan'Shat, specifically.
Ramon: Just who are these Lan'Shat whatsits?
T'Roc: A faction seeking absolute control over the quadrant. As of Stardate 7837.05 the quadrant has erupted into warfare due to their conflict with the anarchists.
Ramon: Stardate 7837.05? With all due respect, Commander, that's a few years in the future.
T'Roc: It is.
Ramon: (statement) You're from the future.
T'Roc: Yes.
Ramon: So what're you doing here? And please don't say, saving the world.
T'Roc: I am destroying this observatory.
Ramon: Destroying this what? Why?
T'Roc: (goes to door, exits, off cam. Ramon follows.) I am altering the future. Or, as you so quaintly put it, saving the world.
Ramon: Why? What happens? What needs altering?
T'Roc: Would you care to join me, cadet?
Ramon: Sure ... I was getting kinda bored, actually.

Act Four, Scene Two T'Roc's shuttle flies around observatory, seeding explosives. Cut to interior of shuttle.
Ramon: So where - I mean, when - are you from? Oh, of course, Stardate 7837.05. Whate ship are you on?
T'Roc: The Hyperion.
Ramon: Hyperion... hey, that's one of the new Titan-class ship's that's being built. Do you intend to meet your younger self here? That'd be interesting, to say the least.
T'Roc: No. Drop another one here. (Exterior view: hatch opens on shuttle, explosive drops out)
Ramon: (something beeps) Look, there's another shuttle coming up from the surface. It's heading for us. I don't recognize the markings - it's docking at the observatory's airlock.
T'Roc: Have they seen us?
Ramon: I don't think so.
T'Roc: Biosigns?
Ramon: Several, mostly Vulcan. Hope they don't have the same idea I had. Hang on, this is funny. That's no ordinary surface shuttle. It's been built to withstand the stresses of warp flight.
T'Roc: The Lan'Shat. They have most likely deduced your presence and come to investigate.
Ramon: (has an idea) You want them dead, don't you. (statement)
T'Roc: Such a state would be preferable.
Ramon: Then back us off and we can detonate the mines now.
T'Roc: An explosive must be placed near the monitoring station to break the main structural backbone of the observatory, or it will still be operable. Also, it may be possible to capture their leader alive.
Ramon: Right, I plant the mine and you get the leader. There's a small secondary airlock we can use. It leads to a catwalk that enters the monitoring area.
T'Roc: Let us proceed.

Act Four, Scene Three Monitoring station. Syvix enters, followed by henchmen.
Syvix: (looks around) This has been inhabited recently. (sniffs) By a human. A young female, (looks down, camera pans to cans of food stacked on floor) who is quite disorderly.
Henchman: Shall I access the computer logs, Milady?
Syvix: Proceed.
Henchman: (after a pause) The logs have been erased, Milady.
Syvix: Completely?
Henchman: Affirmative, Mi - (he crumples to the floor)
T'Roc: (Jumps into room, fires phaser at henchman #2, who ducks. Henchman #3 rushes T'Roc and begins struggling hand-to-hand. Syvix smirks and picks up a phaser from KOed henchman, aims it at T'Roc, with her back to catwalk entrance. Ramon enters thru catwalk and grabs a can as Syvix speaks.)
Syvix: Stand down, intruder. (T'Roc stops as she sees phaser. Ramon steps up and hits Syvix on head with can, she drops, but is still conscious.)
Ramon: (climbs on top of Syvix, who struggles weakly.) Stay still, you ... person, or I'll bean you again! (Waves can threateningly, maybe can of beans? T'Roc grabs phaser from Syvix, points it at henchman #2)
T'Roc: Cadet Ramon, keep her there. (To Syvix) State your name.
Syvix: (Regally) I am Syvix of the Lan'Shat. (computer beeps) It appears that you have an environmental malfunction. (T'Roc and Ramon both look at desk. Syvix rolls out from under Ramon and into T'Roc's feet, opents airlock and goes through with henchmen, closes door. Ramon jumps up and tries to open door. T'Roc stops her.)
T'Roc: They are depressurizing the airlock It would be foolish to pursue them.
Ramon: (Frustrated) I planted the mine, let's get out of here and detonate. Maybe they'll go with it. (They head out)

Act Four, Scene Four T'Roc's shuttle
T'Roc: The mines appear to be malfunctioning.
Ramon: (examining sensors) No, it's not. They'r inside again and disrupting the detonation system.
T'Roc: (grips phaser) Take me back to the observatory and leave me there. I will apprehend them and leave in their shuttle.
Ramon: Commander, what if you fail?
T'Roc: Cadet, you have received your orders.

Act Four, Scene Five Exterior of observatory. Shuttle goes away from obs., then stops. A pause, then obs. explodes. Syvix's shuttle flies out of the wreckage.
Ramon: (hailing it) Congrats, commander ... Commander?
Syvix: I am Syvix of the Lan'Shat. We shall meet again, Cadet Ramon.
Ramon: (slams it off, then realizes) Commander?...Commaaaaander!

Act Four, Scene Six Altered timeline, Hyperion bridge
Ceil: (takes a drink) Well, there's another less pirate on the shipping lanes.
T'Roc: A job well done, Captain Lastufka.
Ramon: I've got this funny feeling. Like something should be happening that isn't. I wonder what it could be?

Copyright 2005 Arin Lastufka, all rights reserved worldwide.