"Titan's Exodus - Havoc's POV" - by Erica Lastufka

Author's Notes:
This is based on the Hyperion series premier, told from the point- of- view of a five- year -old boy who nevertheless is rather intelligent. For all non- Texans, please do some research on Texas A&M University traditions, so you will understand the more subtle jokes. If you don't catch them, you aren't missing much. Observant readers may notice that Captain Lastufka's pep talk is not the same as it was in the script. That was because during the actual filming the actress playing that part at the time had forgotten a few words. For further reading, try Titan's Exodus, Observation, Pieces of the Action, and crew biographies. You can also watch The Wrath of Khan.

"Computer, begin program," ordered five- year -old Havoc. The computer beeped obligingly, and suddenly Havoc was standing on the bridge of the Enterprise 1701 instead of in the holodeck. All right! His program was working perfectly - so far. During the next half- hour, Havoc responded to Space Station K-7's distress call - only to discover that he, Captain James T. Kirk of the Enterprise, was wanted to protect a few megatons of - wheat? That was weird. Havoc immediately resolved to beam down and check it out. As he stepped through the transporter room door, he was met by his aunt, Saavik. Uh- oh!

"Computer, end program." What did she want? She was supposed to be working! But then, Havoc was supposed to be in school, and should have transported to Texas A&M by now. Maybe that was why she was here...

"Havoc, I have been assigned to a Starfleet vessel. Your parents have said that you may accompany me, because the assignment is short. Be ready by 1900 hours - and please behave yourself!"

Dumbfounded, Havoc could only protest, "Hey, but, you're an inspector. Starfleet inspectors don't get assigned to ships!"

"They do now."

"Yahoo! Whoop! I'm going on a real ship, a real ship, a-"

"Havoc! How many times do I have to tell you to control your -"

Havoc didn't listen to the rest of his aunt's lecture. After all, she was a Vulcan, and he wasn't. Well, at least he wasn't as Vulcan as her; Havoc was only half Vulcan but wanted to be Terran, like his dad. He ran out of the holodeck, grabbed his Enterprise toy, and rushed out to get ready. Wow! He was finally going on a starship, a real one! What wonderful adventures he'd have! Maybe he'd save the ship, and then get one of his own!

When Havoc found out which ship he would be voyaging on, he was wild with joy. It was none less than the U.S.S. Hyperion, the Secret Service's finest, most powerful, experimental Titan- class vessel! It had a cloaking device, transphasic torpedoes, and loads of unheard-of weapons. It had the best engines, technology, engineers, crew, chefs, and according to Admiral Hamilton, the worst captain in Starfleet history. That was the real reason that he and his aunt were going. But what a ship!

Two hours later, though, it didn't seem that great. They'd beamed aboard the Hyperion and stowed their luggage. However, upon their arrival at the bridge, they found a Borg officer who didn't know they were coming. Apparently no one else did, either. Havoc had just found an empty console when they were met by an angry captain followed by a security team. Oh dear.

But then Admiral Hamilton called and made everything O.K. Havoc and his aunt Saavik had had a tour of the ship and then there were a lot of bumps and jolts and no gravity. People were shouting things about black holes and enhanced shields.

As the new self- appointed communications expert, Havoc didn't understand what was going on, so he just monitored the comm. channels. After more bumps and bruises, someone finally called. But they were bad people who came to the ship to send everyone to their rooms.

Havoc was no sage on real bad guys, but he knew quite a lot about communications. Bored, he wondered if he could hack the intercom so that he could hear the enemies talk about their diabolical plans. He had just started when his comm badge beeped, making him drop a fiber- optic cable and scaring him badly.

"All right, crew, listen up." From the voice, Havoc guessed that Captain Lastufka was impersonating the Hyperion's trigger - happy security chief. "You do have weapons in your rooms, I think there are guards outside your doors. Open the door, shoot the guard, quick as you can. Meet in Holodeck 1, that's the base of operations. Ready?" Havoc was ready. Already he had found the secret cache of phasers under the floor. The captain's voice yelled, "Go!"

Havoc went. After all, he was a big boy and good at Velocity. A few minutes later, he arrived safely in the holodeck. When the bad people left the ship, the Hyperion crew went to the bridge. Yuck! The bad people had left ugly green blobs all over. Everyone stayed away from them, but Havoc couldn't help looking at them. They were supposed to be a deadly weapon.

"Look! The big blob is eating the little one!" he announced.

"It's not eating it, they're blending together," said the science officer. "Look, captain, it's happening all over the ship. Little blobs racing toward the big ones and ... melding."

"Let's make a big blob! All the little ones will go toward it!" Havoc shouted.

"Hmmm.... a big blob," said Captain Lastufka. She looked at the Borg officer. "Six, could you simulate a huge blob in the holodeck?"


Soon all the blobs were in the holodeck, and they were beamed onto the other ship - which looked just like the Hyperion. Now that the Exodus weapon was off the ship, they could all go home! Havoc, for one, had had his share of excitement. Three hours later, the Hyperion pulled safely into spacedock.

Now Havoc knew what Captain Kirk must've felt like. He'd saved the ship!

Copyright 2004 Erica Lastufka, all rights reserved worldwide.