Commander T'Roc

Vulcan Female

Birthplace: Razal, Vulcan

Recognitions: Silver triangle 2375, Academy Mathematics Award in sophomore year, Stellar Cartography and Archeology degrees from Vulcan Science Academy in 2369, Astrophysics degree from Starfleet Academy, 2373, recommendations for promotion by Admiral Janeway, 2380.

Assigned to U.S.S. Enterprise-G, 2375 on recommendation from her father the Vulcan Supreme Chessmaster because she saved him from a Vulcan teddybear(it has six inch long fangs) when she was six. Served on the Enterprise-G with distinction under Seven of Nine (Annika Hansen) for five years, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Advised Captain Seven to self-destruct the Enterprise-G on reverse logic, saving the crew and herself while blowing them up. Promoted to Lieutenant because of use of illogic, the first Vulcan to do so. " We must be illogical in a logical way" quote of T'Roc, the most contradictory sentence ever said. Routine promotion to Lieutenant Commander, reassigned to U.S.S. Hyperion, under Captain Cecelia Lastufka. Succeeded in killing a Q entity while trying to rescue a stranded shuttle. As a result, the Q was grateful to them for the rest of his extremely short existence.

In another classified incident in 2382, T'Roc travelled back from the immediate future to hack into the main computer logs at the Vulcan Etne Observatory, preventing a disaterous interstellar incident. She was then promoted to Commander.

Along with the crew of the Hyperion, she made history by travelling through a black hole to a parellel universe, helped destroy the Exodus weapon invented by the parallel Hyperion crew, along with destroying the ship itself. Travelled through another black hole back to their own universe. On return to Federation territory, recommended Captain Lastufka for promotion, but Admiral Hamilton, who was still mad at Lastufka, ignored it. During the Plutonian Crisis, pinpointed the cause of the explosion just as it exploded. She, along with Lastufka, Saavik, and One of Six, were saved by Saavik's adopted nephew Havoc nanoseconds before the explosion. However, she and her crewmates were seriously injured and laid up for one Earth year before returning to active service on the Hyperion.

Relatives: Father, Winek; Mother, T'Winder; brother, Windex

Interests: Listening to rock and roll (preferably the Beetles), practicing the logic of illogic, mediating the frequent arguements between Havoc and One of Six. Also enjoys pointing out illogical yet logical things to confuse Captain Lastufka, which results in frequent friction between her and other baffled crewmembers.