Lieutenant Tanya Ramon

Human Female

Birthplace: Kepler, Mars

Recognitions: 2379, paper, Nebula Clusters Observed Under Ultraviolet Diffraction; Hale Computer Programming Medal; 2382, Academy Astronomy and Astrophysics Awards; Recognitions for Bravery under Fire, 2386, 2387. Served with distinction under Captain Christopher Untewheld, reccomendations for promotion. Black belts in various unspecified martial arts.

In junior year of Academy, involved in a classified incident involving hacking into main computer logs of Etne Observatory on Vulcan with Commander T'Roc, resulting in destruction of observatory and prevention of disasterous interstellar incident. Graduated in 2383 with rank of ensign, assigned to secret service and distinguished herself in the breakup of the Armatdor Banned Substance Ring. Promotion to lieutenant in 2387 after imprisonment in concentration camps on Agis, the result of factional quarrelling, and helped important political prisoners escape to a peace conference. Assigned to Hyperion. Involved in Exodus incident in a parallel universe.

Relatives: Father, John Ramon; Mother, Sarah Ramon; Aunt, Margaret

Interests: Martial arts, astronomy, hologram programming, watching Star Track