Captain Cecelia "Ceil" Lastufka

Human Female

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan, Earth

Recognitions: Newberry medal, 2370; Academy Class Humorist, 2372, Jumkett Engineering Prize, 2373; Recognition for bravery, 2380; Notorious for practical jokes at Starfleet academy, including resetting the entire replicator system so everyone ate what they hated the most. Recieved demerits for that and for putting salt in Admiral Hamilton's sugar bowl. Made permanent enemy with Captain Emily Brown for spray-painting her ship and washing her cat in a toilet. During survival training in the Ukraine ate the Admiral Hamilton's cat because," You gotta do what you gotta do". Spent most study time engaged writing a famous comedy book " Rufuting Vulcan Logic" which earned a Newberry medal for original thinking mixed with a good dose of comedy and illogical logic, enough to confuse most Vulcans. While trying to de-logic classmate T'Roc, found out that most of her de-logicing tricks did not work. Befriended T'Roc because she couldn't de-logic her. Barely graduated last in her class, deemed "A failure destined for commanding freighters" by Admiral Hamilton.

Promotion to lieutenant after preventing a warp core breach due to containment field problems from intentional alien interference. Immediately promoted to lieutenant commander after saving Admiral Janeway and companions in the same incident. Routine promotion to commander, assigned to secret service within Starfleet. Served with brash distinction, known for shooting first and asking questions later. Promotion to captain after apprehending pirates on the Earth - Entestt shipping lanes, assigned to USS Hyperion, an experimental Titan-class vessel. Led the crew through the Exodus incident in a parallel universe, enduring the intense psychological stress of encountering herself. Involved in the Plutonian Crisis, rescued by voluntary communications officer Ensign Havoc.

Relatives: None living

Interests: Imitation of others' facial features, refuting Vulcan logic, high-intensity hologram programs