Lieutenant Commander Havoc

Human-Vulcan Male

Birthplace: Baghdad, Iraq, Earth

Highly reccommended communications officer, reccommendations for promotion by Captain Cecelia Lastufka of the Hyperion. Although a failure in the Vulcan Science Academy, went on to complete major in communications at Texas A&M, USA, Earth. While travelling aboard the Hyperion with his aunt Saavik, served with distinction as voluntary comm. officer under Captain Lastufka. He was then five years old. However, being half Vulcan, his brain matured quicker. His father, who was human, chose to raise him as a human. Therefore, Havoc is very prone to frequent emotional outbursts, mostly laughter.

When on the Hyperion with Inspector Saavik, self-appointed comedian and communications officer, often at friction with Commander T'Roc. Aided in the destruction of the Exodus weapon, stardate 7893.59. Field promotion to Ensign after the Exodus incident. Captain Lastufka was charged for promotion of non-Starfleet personnel but was cleared by Admiral Hamilton, who was impressed with Havoc's performence. On return to starbase decided to apply for a job on the Hyperion, but was not accepted due to limited training. During the next five years, continued voluntary service on the Hyperion, travelling with Saavik, and studying a communications college course. Recieved a major in communications at Texas A&M, when he was eleven years old. Deemed too young for active service, so he applied for the Vulcan Science Academy on his adopted aunt's advice. He promply dropped out because he didn't want to "act Vulcan". Applied for Starfleet acedemy but could not enter due to age. Continued service on Hyperion. His "child logic" was helpful in many complicated situations. Field promotion to Lieutenant when he saved Captain Lastufka, T'Roc, Saavik, and One of Six from the Plutonian disaster. Field promotion to Lieutenant commander after ten years of voluntary service as comm. officer on the Hyperion.

Family: Father, George Smith, Mother, T'Role, adopted aunt, Saavik.

Interests: Blowing up holographic ships, and playing Captain Kirk or Colonel O'Neat.