Lieutenant Raj Chandra


Birthplace: Cruithne (Earth's second moon), Sol System

Recognitions: 2371, Detailed analysis of tribble physiology for high school science fair; 2376, McCoy "I'm a Doctor, Not an Award" Medical Medal; 2377, Indian Society of Physicians Herbal Remedy Award

Attended Swiss Academy of Advanced Medicine via holodeck classroom while touring Uranus' moons. Graduated sumna cum laude with degrees in Organic Remedies, Acupuncture/Pressure, and Exobioengineering. Retains childhood interest in tribbles and family's Indian accent. Assigned to USS Hyperion. Saved Ensign McKay's life after she accidentally shot herself in the foot. Completed research on the stimulating but embittering effects of coffee.

Relatives: mother: Karmala Goush-Choudbury-Chandra, father: Rajif Chandra, uncle: Ranjith Obeyesekera

Interests: Tribbles, Vulcan ears, growing stinky plants