Ensign Michael Anderson

Human male, some bionic elements (result of being a test pilot)

Birthplace: McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Earth

Recognitions: 2369, Most Beat-Up Test Pilot of the Year; 2380, Introduced Anderson Manuver

Attended Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Earth. Became test pilot. Crashed. Had surgery. Flew another plane. Crashed. Had surgery. Flew another plane. Finally learned to land on the runway. Crashed into hangar. Had surgery. Decided to fly spaceships instead.

Assigned to USS Hyperion. Anderson was at the conn when the Hyperion traversed a black hole(twice) in the Exodus incident. Later, developed Anderson Manuver. First pilot to complete frag separation of Titan-class ship.

Captain's Note: Mr. Anderson is a complete nutcase.

Relatives: father: William Anderson, mother: Kerrie Anderson

Interests: flying fast planes as crazily as possible, watching Star Track, evaluating sickbays